8 Tips for Writing a Historical Short Story

By Alyssa Mackay Many authors find ideas by looking to the past. Fictionalising a historical event, person or a period in time allows a writer to draw on reality as a starting point, then use their imagination to create an original story. After reading about the history of the Bustard Head Lighthouse on the centralContinue reading “8 Tips for Writing a Historical Short Story”

Chance Meeting Sparks Lighthouse-inspired Anthology

Take a bunch of writers from different genres, many who have never met before, and put them on the same table at a fancy dress dinner and see what happens.

For one group of writers, who met at GenreCon in 2019, it resulted in a multi-genre anthology entitled Lighthouse – a collection of fifteen short stories all featuring lighthouses, due for release next month (October 2020).

Why lighthouses? To get the answer to this, and a bunch of other questions about this project, Lorikeet Ink caught up with two of the Lighthouse’s contributing authors – Anthology Organiser, Chris Foley and Anthology Editor, Bianca Millroy.