The Fae of the Crystal Palace Series

The Pledge: A Fae of the Crystal Palace Origins Story


A Fae Ranger sent through a portal to Victorian England to stop an assassin faces an impossible choice: save her family or the Fae Realm in a battle between the light and darkness.

This origins story sets the scene for the Fae of the Crystal Palace – a gaslamp fantasy romance (with a touch of mystery) series.

It is available as an eNook on all major online book retail sites including Amazon Kindle, Apple, Google Play, Kobo and Nook.

Get The Pledge here.

The Charmed: Fae of the Crystal Palace

A young woman who believes in impossibilities in Victorian England, discovers secrets, magic and perhaps even love beyond her wildest imagination…she just needs to solve a couple of murders first.

Coming later in 2023!

Preorder The Charmed for free here.

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