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The Firemaster’s Legacy – The Kyprian Prophecy Book 1 – By Kylie Fennell

A spellbinding YA epic fantasy series Available now!

Firesky is the ultimate weapon. It will either obliterate or liberate all of Kypria. One silver-eyed girl has the power to determine their fate – if she dares to question everything she believes in.

Arisa is a silver-eyes – a magical race feared and hunted in the Kyprian nation of Lamore. She has survived by hiding her identity but her best friend and father weren’t so fortunate.

Her luck runs out when she is forced to serve at the Lamorian Royal Court with her guardian, Erun, who is conscripted to weaponise a great power known as firesky – a power not seen since the time of the last Firemaster.

With war on the horizon, and no hope of a prophesied saviour materialising, Arisa formulates a deadly plan to tear the brutal regime apart from the inside. There’s just one problem…the arrogant, exasperating and intriguing Prince Takai.

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The Firemaster’s Legacy is available now on Kindle and in paperback.

The Water Catcher’s Rise – The Kyprian Prophecy Book 2 – By Kylie Fennell

A spellbinding YA epic fantasy series Available now!

Lamore is on the brink of war. Victory will depend on two things: who commands firesky and whether one silver-eyed girl can make the biggest leap of faith – believing in herself, believing in love and believing in the prophesied Water Catcher.

After quelling the riots in Obira City, Arisa is celebrated as the saviour of Lamore and the King who she had once vowed to kill (and still may), but living at the Lamorian Royal Court has never been more dangerous.

After a Northem invading party breaches Lamore Castle, Chancellor Horace becomes more desperate to secure firesky as a weapon, so intensifies his threats against Arisa and her guardian, Erun. 

As Lamore prepares for war, Arisa and Prince Takai are drawn to each other and find themselves working together to save not just the kingdom but each other’s lives. 

But everything unravels when Takai discovers the truth about Arisa’s identity – a truth that is bigger and more deadly than Arisa could have ever imagined.

The Air King’s Return – The Kyprian Prophecy Book 3 – By Kylie Fennell

A spellbinding YA epic fantasy series Available now!

War has arrived in Kypria. Unlikely allies unite and mighty warriors clash. To protect the people and land she loves, Arisa must fulfil her destiny and overcome her past demons.

Arisa flees to Kengia with Takai in pursuit only to find that her father’s homeland provides little comfort or safety. 

In the capital, Lochlen, Arisa trains to harness all of her powers but meets blockages in the form of distrusting tribal chiefs, adversarial family members, and conflicting feelings about Takai and a fascinating Kengian Custodian.

In Lamore, the fearsome Northem fleet arrives with a mysterious navigator – a silver-eyed girl with incredible powers…powers that she uses to weaponise firesky after Amund refuses to help.

Lamore and Northem join forces and armed with the devastating new firesky weapons declare war on Kengia and the Lamorian rebels. 

Kypria’s only hope of salvation is the Water Catcher and two equally powerful ghosts from the past.

The Ice Queen’s Revenge – The Kyprian Prophecy Book 4 – By Kylie Fennell

A spellbinding YA epic fantasy series. Pre-order now!

In the aftermath of the battles in Kengia and Lamore, Theodora finds herself an outcast in the icy, barren lands of Northem. Despite King Malu making her his Queen, she fights for acceptance from her adopted people.

Theodora finds a way to gain their respect, while also getting revenge on the Water Catcher, but it relies on conquering new lands and enlisting Rea to her cause.

Beginnings: The Kyprian Prophecy– An Origins Novella – FREE BOOK

“Only a fool can’t understand that there cannot be light without the darkness, and that power lies in harnessing the very thing people are scared of.”

As a silver-eyes, Laha has an extraordinary ability to harness the power within nature. She is also a royal companion to the Kengian Princess Mary, and with all of Kypria finally at peace Laha should be content…but she is far from it.

Beginnings sets the scene for the Kyprian Prophecy series and Book 1 – The Firemaster’s Legacy.

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Lighthouse – An Anthology

Lighthouse – An Anthology, our first book, is now available.

Lighthouse is a unique multi-genre collection of short stories that celebrate lighthouses.

From sci-fi and fantasy to romance and crime – and everything in between – Lighthouse features exciting voices from emerging and established Australian writers.

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